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                Adirondak Chair

              Rocking Chair

                 Bar Stools

  36" Oak High Table (Concave Legs)   


               Wine Tasting Table

            Wine Barrel Display Unit     





Wish Bone Wine Rack
(12 Bottles Free Standing)


Wall Hanging Wine and Glass Holder
              6 Bottles/Glasses


Trio Candle Holder

 Single Candle Holder

We have many products to choose from. If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask. We will be pleased to help you!


Wine Sipping Table (Convex Legs) and Stools

We are giving a second life to old wine barrels. Wine barrels are roughly made and do not always have consistent measurements. Items such as candle holders and adornments may not always be as presented thereby making your reclaimed purchase unique.

                                                       Console Table
Coffee Table



                                        Barrel Table

Coat Hanger

Wine Racks


Table Top Wine Rack (7-9 bottles)

Back to Back Wine Rack
(6 Bottles Free Standing)


                     Candle Holders
Five Bar Candle Holder
Pyramid Candle Holder

Barrel Chair

 Harvest Bench - Vertical Staves

Garden Bench

Entryway Bench

                    Large Dog Bed

                 Small Dog Bed       

            Wine Barrel Display Unit 

Fishing Rod Holder



 Back Slant Wine Rack
(12 Bottles)


Desktop Wine Rack - 6 Bottles/Glasses

Cluster Candle Holder