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Most people associate an oak barrel with wine making. Oak

barrels are used in the wine making process to give the wine an

added flavour of oak. Eventually the oak flavour diminishes and

after five to six years, these barrels are discarded. Some people

use them for garden planters or water barrels. We purchase

these discarded barrels from the wineries and recycle them by

turning the barrels into beautiful furniture and accessories for

people to enjoy.

The wine barrel is first pressure washed and set to dry. Once

dry, the barrel is carefully taken apart and the staves

(wooden slates) are sorted. Each stave is slightly different in

shape and great care must be taken in the selection of staves

and bilge hoops (metal rings) for the making of a particular

piece of furniture. The staves are then shaped, assembled and

sanded, after which two coats of a polyurethane clear finish is

applied to preserve and protect the wood. This finish gives the

furniture richness and depth, while protecting it from knocks,

scrapes, and the harshness of weather.