Did you know...

     Oak barrels were used 

     as far back as 2,000

     years. Romans used

     them to transport their

     wine as they moved

     across the land

     expanding their empire.

     The Romans found an 

     abundance of oak trees

     where the wood was

     softer and easier to

     form into the traditional             barrel shape. Because of

     this, they were faster to              make and made for                     waterproof storage.

 Our Story

   There are over 130 vineyards in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. After 6-7 years the barrels used for making wine are discarded for new ones.

   We decided to take a couple of barrels to see what we could create. We made a bench, stool, table, and an Adirondack chair. It all looked great, so we decided to make some accessories.

   One Saturday we attended a tourist town market. We went with a truck-load and came home almost empty! People loved our furniture and gave us many compliments on the high quality of our finished products. We were thrilled!
Word of mouth travels fast and we are now busier than ever creating furniture and accessories from used wine barrels.

   Each barrel we use is one less barrel going to waste....and that's our story.

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